Tuition: $6,495 (plus travel and expenses)

The Advancement Leadership Academy is a multi-site program held over three onsite sessions throughout the year with additional intersession work between onsite sessions.

Tuition and fees include:
-Resource books, content and curriculum materials
-Self-assessment and 360 degree feedback assessment and analysis
-Speakers, consultants, and moderators in all phases and locations
-Group events such as orientation, receptions, etc.
-Selected meals and experiential components
-Leadership development consultant and advisor
-Certificate of Completion, ALA gift and celebration reception

The nominating institution agrees to pay the ALA Fellow's full salary and benefits during the fellowship year. The nominating institution is responsible for all travel and personal expenses associated with participation in the Advancement Leadership Academy, including airfare, ground transportation, lodging and some meals.

Payment is due upon acceptance into the program.  All checks must be made payable to: Smith Career Group,LLC  and mailed to the following address:

Smith Career Group, LLC
3972 Barranca Parkway, Suite J-142
Irvine, CA 92606

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: I understand that if I am selected to participate in a Program for which I have registered or applied through the Advancement Leadership Academy (‘ALA’), within 30 days of receiving acceptance into the Program I must 1) pay to Smith Career Group, LLC the tuition fee for the program or 2) agree to the payment plan Smith Career Group, LLC has authorized. Failure to submit the tuition or, if applicable, agree to the payment plan, by the deadline will result in the loss of my position in the Program. After the start of any onsite Program, withdrawal from the onsite Program for any reason two weeks or less before the start of the onsite Program will result in the forfeiture of 50% of the tuition; after the start of any onsite Program, withdrawal from the onsite Program for any reason will result in the forfeiture of 100% of the tuition. I also understand that the conduct of this Program is contingent upon factors not controlled by Smith Career Group, LLC. Should the Program be cancelled for any reason, I will receive a full refund of any tuition paid to Smith Career Group, LLC. Smith Career Group, LLC is not responsible for other costs incurred as a participant in the Program.